Despite available evidence of successful social and behavior change (SBC) programs and interventions, evidence gaps remain in determining which SBC approaches are most effective for health and development outcomes in complex “real world” settings. Breakthrough RESEARCH is working with key stakeholders to identify implementation science research priorities and questions for two areas of SBC programming: integrated, multi-health element or cross-sectoral, SBC (designed to more than one health or development issue) and provider behavior change.

The project will develop implementation science research and learning agendas that can guide decision-making across sectors, foster collective learning, reduce duplication of efforts, and maximize the impact of research investments for USAID, its SBC and service delivery implementing partners, and other stakeholders. This work builds on longstanding USAID efforts to improve SBC programming, policy, and research.

Future activities will include regional and/or country-level research and learning agendas (in East and West Africa) and activities to socialize research and learning agendas within USAID and relevant implementing partners.