This toolkit provides high-level guidance to develop malaria social and behavior change training curricula for community health workers. Read More
This course is designed to equip health workers with tools to address vaccine hesitancy and to promote COVID-19 prevention, testing, and vaccination. Read More
Graphic of a pregnant woman and her male partner
This brief provides recommendations to increase the uptake of intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy and early antenatal care. Read More
This report discussed an outcome harvesting project to evaluate the success of Breakthrough ACTION Guinea's zoonotic disease portfolio. Read More
Nine Guatemalan mothers gather outside to share experiences and learn from each other
Esta guía presenta una metodología grupal que promueve espacios de aprendizaje donde las madres comparten experiencias entre sí para aprender entre pares. Read More
Esta guía se usa para llevar a cabo sesiones participativas en las cuales se propicia un foro de reflexión entre abuelas que permite discutir temas de salud. Read More
This brief describes a remote training to empower influential leaders across Liberia to advocate to improve hygiene-related activities in their communities. Read More
This bank provides illustrative quality indicators specifically for global programs using SBC approaches to address family planning challenges. Read More
This course teaches how to encourage positive nutrition behavior change by employing segmentation based on needs, attitudes, and behaviors of intended audiences. Read More
Ressources, outils et approches développés par West Africa Breakthrough ACTION pour augmenter l'utilisation informée et volontaire des services de PF/SR. Read More
This presentation provides an overview of results from two Merci Mon Héros campaign exposure studies carried out in Côte d'Ivoire and Niger. Read More
This executive summary identifies key themes and takeaways to inform contraceptive aid development in low- and middle-income countries. Read More
Screenshot of the Insecticide-Treated Net (ITN) Access and Use Report interactive map
Through a world map interface, this interactive site provides decision-makers with essential ITN indicators alongside country-specific determinants of use. Read More
cover graphic
This brief builds on a suite of PBC tools, which support the application of a social-ecological lens to design and implement PBC interventions. Read More
This brief describes adapting an existing family planning counseling tool in Niger to better respond to provider and client needs. Read More
This video shows how Breakthrough ACTION worked with partners in Nigeria to find missing tuberculosis cases among children. Read More
Cover of the Insights 101 Playbook
This resource helps users identify, articulate, and incorporate insights into social and behavior change program designs. Read More
This brief describes seven ways youth-focused family planning and reproductive health programs can become more gender inclusive. Read More
This assessment tool helps malaria service providers apply a behavioral lens so they can better understand service delivery challenges. Read More
This tool helps community health workers better counsel postpartum women in low-resources settings, thus supporting their reproductive health intentions. Read More
This brief covers achievements, insights, and best practices adopted to strengthen risk communication and community engagement efforts in Liberia. Read More
The Gender Equity Today for Youth (GET 4 Youth) Pilot Package aims to create a gender-equitable environment in which 10–14 year olds can grow and thrive. Read More
This brief explains how Breakthrough ACTION worked closely with influential individuals to act as trusted ambassadors to increase COVID-19 vaccine rates. Read More
Empathways cover with a graphic of a parent and child
Ces cartes sont une activité conçue pour emmener les jeunes et leurs parents dans un voyage dynamique et engageant. Read More
This brief describes the process of implementing a SBC video campaign in Nigeria—from developing the campaign concept to producing and airing the videos. Read More