A female health care worker administers antimalarial treatment to her patient.

Changing Provider Behavior to Improve Quality of Care in Plateau State, Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION worked with over 10,000 service providers to understand their attitudes towards service delivery and standards of care.
Two Nigerian men, seated across each other, having a conversation.

Engaging Religious Leaders to Prevent Malaria in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION is helping religious leaders counsel their congregants on health topics such as malaria prevention and treatment.
A Nigerian family, comprising a mother, a young girl, a young boy, and a father, sitting on the ground.

Mothers as Agents of Household Health

In Nigeria, mothers equipped with knowledge, income, and confidence are shaping the health of their families.
A woman and a man work with post-it notes during an HCD workshop in KenyaGrace Miheso

Communities Lead the Way to Identify Solutions for Malaria

Lake Victoria is a driver of economic activity for a nearby community. It is also a driver of malaria cases—but the community has solutions.
A female community health worker and a woman sit outside during a home visit in KenyaUSAID Afya Ugavi Program/PMI/Flickr

Strengthening Relationships Between the Community and Health Facility

In Kenya, Breakthrough ACTION brought communities and health facilities together to tackle concerns about wait times, perceived costs, and confidentiality.
Malaria medication in NigeriaArne Hoel/World Bank/Flickr

Trusted Messages and Messengers Contribute to Life-Saving Malaria Prevention Campaigns in Benue

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION worked with traditional and religious leaders to advance a campaign to protect children from malaria.
Compound meeting in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Promoting Antenatal Care Attendance and Preventing Malaria through Compound Meetings in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION is using compound meetings to transform maternal health and malaria care mindsets and behaviors.
On November 7–9, 2023, the RBM Partnership to End Malaria Social and Behaviour Change Working Group, held its 10th Annual Meeting in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Connecting, Learning, and Collaborating to Achieve Zero Malaria Through Social and Behavior Change

The RBM Partnership to End Malaria Social and Behaviour Change Working's 10th Annual Meeting brought over 130 SBC experts together to learn from each other.
SBC Learning Central

Présentation de la plateforme SBC Learning Central : Une nouvelle ressource pour mettre en place une base solide de professionnels qualifiés en matière de CSC dans le monde entire

Malgré les progrès novateurs réalisés dans le domaine du changement social et de comportement (CSC), ce secteur n'a toujours pas encore attiré l'attention de nombreux leaders clés du développement et reste sous-utilisé. Breakthrough…