Empathways in Kenya Paving the Way to More Empathetic Youth Services

Background In Kenya, factors like social stigma against youth contraceptive use, poor healthcare access among youth, and the emotional and mental stresses of adolescence mean young people often have limited access to FP/RH care or may not…

Empathways—Dealing a Winning Hand to Youth-Centered Health Services

This story describes how Jhpiego, a nonprofit, adapted Breakthrough ACTION’s Empathways to deliver youth-centered HIV prevention and care services in Africa.

Reproductive Health Innovation Exchange

This page features factsheets and videos about 16 innovative applications of social and behavior change approaches for family planning and reproductive health.

Empathways Adaptations

This page contains information about adapting Empathways, a card activity, for use in a variety of health areas to build provider–client trust.

Engaging Men as Contraceptive Users: Materials for Vasectomy Advocates

Breakthrough ACTION’s package of evidence-based resources can help family planning programs planners advocate for the inclusion of vasectomy.

Supporting Sexual and Reproductive Self-Care through Social and Behavior Change

This framework helps sexual and reproductive health professionals understand the drivers of self-care behaviors so they can make better program decisions.

New website highlights evidence for social and behavior change impact

Written by: Olivia Carlson, Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION Are you looking for peer-reviewed literature that shows what works in social and behavior change (SBC)? Do you need evidence to back up your advocacy work for greater investment…

HIV-Related Stigma Can Have Deadly Consequences

My daughter refused to go to the hospital to receive medicines. My daughter died because of the fear of stigmatization and discrimination.* - A woman in Ghana who lost her daughter to AIDS-related complications. (Quote retrieved from https://www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-social-issues/stigma-discrimination…