A Tanzanian midwife in a health care clinicSheena Ariyapala/Department for International Development

Charting New Frontiers in Provider Behavior Change Monitoring and Evaluation

This blog post urges program implementers to monitor and evaluate each level of the provider behavior ecosystem and introduces tools they can use to do so.
People clapping in a health care facilityPhoto credit: West Africa Breakthrough ACTION
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Approaching Provider Behavior Change Monitoring and Evaluation with a Social-Ecological Lens: New Frontiers Brief

This brief builds on a suite of PBC tools, which support the application of a social-ecological lens to design and implement PBC interventions.
Ministry of Health worker stands in front of signBreakthrough ACTION

Elevating Client-Provider Relationships: Transformative Insights from Fishbowl Sessions in Bungoma County

In Kenya, Breakthrough ACTION used fishbowl discussions with mothers offer feedback on their health facilities and follow up to discuss ensuring improvements.
Female participants in NepalJhpiego for USAID ARH

Starting Off Right: Mentorship Begins With Empathy

In Nepal, Jhpiego is using a card activity developed by Breakthrough ACTION to empower adolescents to choose and practice healthy reproductive behaviors.
SBC Learning Central

Présentation de la plateforme SBC Learning Central : Une nouvelle ressource pour mettre en place une base solide de professionnels qualifiés en matière de CSC dans le monde entire

Malgré les progrès novateurs réalisés dans le domaine du changement social et de comportement (CSC), ce secteur n'a toujours pas encore attiré l'attention de nombreux leaders clés du développement et reste sous-utilisé. Breakthrough…
SBC Learning Central

Introducing SBC Learning Central: A New Resource to Create a Critical Mass of Skilled Practitioners Worldwide

SBC Learning Central courses provide foundational knowledge and skills to help public health professionals incorporate new SBC approaches and methodologies.
Three people from the Breakthrough ACTION Sahel RISE II team from Burkina FasoBreakthrough ACTION

Creating a Space for Innovation and Collaboration Among French-Speaking Social and Behavior Change Professionals

Breakthrough ACTION created a space for francophone social and behavior change practitioners to collaborate during the 2022 SBCC Summit.