Breakthrough ACTION, in partnership with the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, has developed the Malaria Social and Behavior Change Toolkit for Community and Faith Leaders. This free online toolkit has resources to help users integrate an organization’s existing strengths, connections, and activities with key malaria resources that can save lives.

This toolkit provides access to:

  • Resources on the impact of malaria around the world.
  • Key messages that users can promote in their communities to save lives.
  • Tools to integrate malaria messages into community-based activities, including home visits, work with schools and children, and sermons and faith-based gatherings.

Toolkit users can learn:

  • The role of community and faith-based organizations in the fight against malaria.
  • How to plan and integrate malaria activities into their existing work.
  • How to partner with other local leaders to effect change.
  • How to track and monitor malaria progress.

Toolkit users can also find each other to compare experiences and get ideas by joining the Springboard group for community and faith leaders.