Creating a Space for Innovation and Collaboration Among French-Speaking Social and Behavior Change Professionals

Written by: Denise Adou Brou Epse ASSANVO, Senior Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION, and Antonia Morzenti, Program Officer II, Breakthrough ACTION Breakthrough ACTION amplified the voices of francophone social and behavior change (SBC)…

Four Ways the Redesigned Compass Can Work for You

Written By Oluwakemi Akagwu, Online Platforms Manager, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, and Mouz Asfaw, Compass Curator, Breakthrough ACTION,   The Compass, launched in 2013, helps social and behavior change (SBC)…
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Placing Empathy at the Heart of Provider Behavior Change: A Toolkit

Written by: Alison Pack, Program Officer Although existing service delivery data provide valuable information, they provide little detail on factors that influence provider behavior. Furthermore, conducting service-focused research can be expensive…