Person using the COVID Behaviors Dashboard on a laptopJohns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

COVID Behaviors Dashboard Webinar Recap: How are the Data Used?

This blog post shares three takeaways from a webinar about how organizations used the COVID Behaviors Dashboard to improve their COVID-19 response work.
A graphic about COVID-19 and shopping safely in the marketplaceSAWBO RAPID/Breakthrough ACTION

New animations promote safe marketplace practices during COVID-19

Breakthrough ACTION developed three animations with Scientific Animations Without Borders to show how people can safely navigate public markets during COVID-19.
A feverish child is treated by the community relayUSAID/StopPalu+/Flickr

Malaria Social and Behavior Change During COVID-19 Case Studies

These case studies show how Breakthrough ACTION and other creative programs re-strategized to overcome COVID-19 limitations on malaria prevention and treatment.
Word cloud about misinformation and rumors during health emergencies

The Dangers of Misinformation and Rumors During Health Emergencies

The Compass website has tools health professionals can use to address harmful rumors and misinformation during health emergencies.
Person using the KAP COVID Dashboard on a laptopJohns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Using the KAP COVID Dashboards to Convince the Vaccine Hesitant

This blog post introduces a dashboard public health practitioners can use to increase vaccine acceptance levels and reduce vaccination hesitancy.
Covid-19 vaccine bottlesDaniel Schludi/Unsplash

We’re Laser-Focused on COVID-19 Vaccines but Vaccine Hesitancy Remains a Challenge

This blog post discusses vaccine hesitancy and introduces tools to help social and behavior change practitioners address this challenge.
KAP COVID Dashboard: Country profiles with demographic disaggregations

KAP COVID Dashboard: Trust

This page has a set of reports from a 2020 global survey on knowledge, attitudes, and practices around COVID-19. These reports focus on the element of trust.
Rohingya refugees, including women and children, in Bangladesh to escape violence in BurmaAshique Rushdi/USAID

Using SMS and IVR Surveys During COVID-19

This brief provides guidance for administering text message and interactive voice response-based surveys to collect information during COVID-19.
Mother and daughter sit on the floor of their home hand rolling Indian-style cigarettes called bidiPaula Bronstein/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment

Socially Marginalized Groups and COVID-19

This brief provides recommendations for addressing the needs of social marginalized groups for COVID-19 risk communication and community engagement efforts.