Three Things You can do to Fight Health-Related Misinformation Online

This blog post describes three ways public health professionals responding to health emergencies can combat misinformation online.

Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy Through Community Radio and Social Media

In Bangladesh, Breakthrough ACTION leveraged the potential of community radio and social media to deliver lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine messages.

COVID Behavior Dashboard Reports

This page contains links to monthly reports from January to August 2022 on the results of the COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey for 21 countries.

Breakthrough ACTION’s COVID-19 Team is Hiring!

Breakthrough ACTION seeks new talent as it ramps up its COVID-19 response work.

COVID Behaviors Dashboard Webinar Recap: How are the Data Used?

This blog post shares three takeaways from a webinar about how organizations used the COVID Behaviors Dashboard to improve their COVID-19 response work.

New animations promote safe marketplace practices during COVID-19

Breakthrough ACTION developed three animations with Scientific Animations Without Borders to show how people can safely navigate public markets during COVID-19.

Lessons from the COVID-19 Response

Read about the lessons Breakthrough ACTION learned in the process of adapting social and behavior change programs during COVID-19.