A female health care worker administers antimalarial treatment to her patient.

Changing Provider Behavior to Improve Quality of Care in Plateau State, Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION worked with over 10,000 service providers to understand their attitudes towards service delivery and standards of care.
A Nigerian family, comprising a mother, a young girl, a young boy, and a father, sitting on the ground.

Mothers as Agents of Household Health

In Nigeria, mothers equipped with knowledge, income, and confidence are shaping the health of their families.
A Tanzanian midwife in a health care clinicSheena Ariyapala/Department for International Development

Charting New Frontiers in Provider Behavior Change Monitoring and Evaluation

This blog post urges program implementers to monitor and evaluate each level of the provider behavior ecosystem and introduces tools they can use to do so.
A female community health worker and a woman sit outside during a home visit in KenyaUSAID Afya Ugavi Program/PMI/Flickr

Strengthening Relationships Between the Community and Health Facility

In Kenya, Breakthrough ACTION brought communities and health facilities together to tackle concerns about wait times, perceived costs, and confidentiality.
Malaria medication in NigeriaArne Hoel/World Bank/Flickr

Trusted Messages and Messengers Contribute to Life-Saving Malaria Prevention Campaigns in Benue

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION worked with traditional and religious leaders to advance a campaign to protect children from malaria.
Ministry of Health worker stands in front of signBreakthrough ACTION

Elevating Client-Provider Relationships: Transformative Insights from Fishbowl Sessions in Bungoma County

In Kenya, Breakthrough ACTION used fishbowl discussions with mothers offer feedback on their health facilities and follow up to discuss ensuring improvements.
Compound meeting in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Promoting Antenatal Care Attendance and Preventing Malaria through Compound Meetings in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION is using compound meetings to transform maternal health and malaria care mindsets and behaviors.
Two young men drawing during an HCD workshop in TanzaniaBreakthrough ACTION Tanzania

Shifting Narratives About Gender in Tanzania: Refining Roles for Men in Reproductive and Maternal Health

In Tanzania, Breakthrough ACTION is improving reproductive and maternal health outcomes by engaging men and redefining gender roles.
Congolese mother feeding her young childPitshou Budiongo

New Course Teaches Policymakers and Practitioners How to Use Behavioral Design to Improve Nutrition Outcomes

This article describes a course that offers an introduction to behavioral science and behavioral design, and how to apply these approaches to nutrition challenges.