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Reproductive Health Innovation Exchange Virtual Event

August 10 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Breakthrough ACTION is hosting the Reproductive Health Innovation Exchange online on August 10, 2022, to highlight breakthrough, interactive solutions that use social and behavior change to improve service delivery. This online event will provide attendees with opportunities to explore, ask questions, and discuss practical applications of impactful social and behavior change for family planning (FP) and reproductive health service delivery activities.

This online event will feature 16 innovative solutions aimed at improving family planning service delivery. See table below for the titles and descriptions.

How can you participate?

Register here to join this online event.

L’interprétation en français sera disponible. Voir plus d’informations en français et s’inscrire ici.

When will the exchange take place?

This event will take place on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (ET). 

Have questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact Ely McElwee.

Featured Innovations:

Integrating FP and Immunization Services

IntraHealth International and ideas42 developed a solution set to improve integration of FP and immunization services. The solution set includes an interactive mobile training course for providers via interactive voice response, a series of referral cards tied to the baby’s age, and a mobile health drama for families.

Nivi: The Digital Health Marketplace

Nivi’s marketplace is where organizations connect with and serve consumers. Nivi generates awareness, service and product referrals, and consumer demand insights for health education organizations, public and private service providers, healthcare payers, manufacturers, and other supply chain stakeholders.

Ma’ana Fe Al-Dawar: Community Plays for FP Conversations

The initiative targeted population segments with FP and reproductive health messages through a series of short plays that featured youth from the community to prioritize FP messages for youth and the community at large.

Tradgame 4 Adolescents and Young Women: FP and Sexual and Reproductive Health

The project mobilized adolescents, girls, and young women from tertiary institutions and the Gokwe community to play traditional games on teams with health service providers. Participation in games creates an ideal platform for FP and reproductive health service provision as well as interaction, counseling, and information sharing to counter misinformation.

Behavioral and Digital Tools to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Roots of Health and AHA! pioneered behavioral solutions through applying behavioral design principles to targeted adolescent segments. With the insights gathered, they were able to design (1) digital prototypes to help facilitate conversations on condom use for males and (2) physical prototypes to help the target segment decide on what contraceptive fits them and how to bring up consent in conversations with their partners.

La Chance: Interactive Game for Girls to Take Control of Their Reproductive Futures

ideas42 and Pathfinder International designed a board game, La Chance, for high school students where girls encounter real-life relationship scenarios and “experience” consequences to correct misconceptions and increase pregnancy-risk perception through simulated decision-making.

Club Courage for Midwives: Building Resiliency through Peer Support

Club Courage is a simple, low-cost intervention derived from insights gathered through a human-centered design process involving midwives and pregnant women. The project enables midwives to discuss and address stress and trauma and mutually support each other.

Gamified FP Counseling Tools to Promote Meaningful Choice

Breakthrough ACTION designed an interactive, gamified counseling tool with referral cards that uses a colorful die to select which FP method to discuss randomly, debunks misconceptions and myths about FP methods, and helps interested FP users choose a method that meets their needs.

Empathways: Building Empathy into Youth FP Services

Empathways is a three-round card deck of discussion prompts and reflection questions designed to increase family planning provider empathy for young clients, catalyzing more youth-centered family planning and contraceptive services.

Provider Behavior Change: A Toolkit

The Provider Behavior Change FP toolkit is a set of tools designed to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective facility-based provider behavior change initiatives within FP and reproductive health programs.

Together We Decide: Interactive Game for Male Engagement in FP

IntraHealth International and ideas42 developed “Together We Decide,” an interactive game that creates a safe space for players to discuss child spacing with peers by allowing players to “experience” the consequences of choices about child spacing and contraceptive use, build familiarity with contraceptive methods, and envision conversations about FP with their partners and health workers.

MobiSAfAIDS App for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Advocacy

MobiSAfAIDS App is a social accountability monitoring tool that offers real-time evidence generation, translated into policy advocacy actions led by adolescents and young people as agents of their reproductive health agenda at the local, national, and regional levels.

Growing Up: Film Based Interactive Learning

Medical Aid Films developed an interactive resource for developing peer educators, young leaders, or participants in adolescent health programs based on our film, Growing Up.

ZanaAfrica’s Nia Program: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Life Skills Education through Comics and Magazines

ZanaAfrica delivers a proven intervention of rights-based reproductive health and life skills education delivered through engaging social and behavior change content in the form of comics and magazines, paired with sanitary pads and underpants, to adolescent girls and boys.

Behavioral Tools for Providers to Promote Birth Spacing

ideas42 and Pathfinder International developed a solution package that reinforces the value of contraceptives in the postpartum period and helps women follow through if they intend to use contraceptives. The final solution package includes a planning prompt for women and their providers, a risk assessment referral card used by providers, a counseling sheet to guide providers, and a tracking log for providers.

Resources to Confront the Concerns of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Users

This Marie Stopes Uganda and ideas42 project used behavior design to create a solution set comprised of the FP Facts Flipchart, referral cards, and the side effects response tool. The FP Facts Flipchart and Side Effects Response tool allow community mobilizers to give long-acting reversible contraception users satisfactory responses that assuage their fears about side effects.


August 10
8:30 am - 10:30 am
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Breakthrough ACTION


August 10
8:30 am - 10:30 am
Event Tags:


Breakthrough ACTION