Making a case for SBC

Resources that demonstrate the effectiveness of SBC and show how to advocate for SBC in family planning programming

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The Albishirin Ku! radio show promoted maternal, newborn, and child health behaviors in Nigeria. It was designed using systematic SBC approaches. Read More
This fellowship equips media professionals with epidemiology, infodemic management, and SBC skills to communicate health information during outbreaks. Read More
This success story details how the "Stopping Dog Bites" campaign tackled the pressing issues of dog bites and rabies in Sierra Leone. Read More
This success story outlines the development of a rumor management system in Côte d’Ivoire to fight misinformation during emergencies. Read More
This success story highlights Breakthrough ACTION's impact on SBC for zoonotic disease prevention and response in Guinea. Read More
This success story describes how Breakthrough ACTION addressed gaps in risk communication and laid the groundwork for resilience in Liberia. Read More
This success story describes how the Mali Federation of People Living with Disabilities developed tailored communication materials. Read More
This success story describes how the Ethiopian National One Health Steering Committee developed digital communication platforms. Read More
This success story outlines how community workers in Ethiopia play a crucial role in safeguarding public health.  Read More
These success stories describe how Breakthrough ACTION enhanced risk communication capabilities for handling priority zoonotic diseases. Read More
This brief summarizes findings and insights from a landscape assessment on resources and evidence for FP SBC in fragile and humanitarian settings. Read More
These interventions increased the number of TB cases identified in Nigeria. The resources include a campaign, job aid, guidelines, and reports. Read More
This package of community engagement resources focuses on lifestages and multiplier and gateway behaviors. Read More
Women’s Empowerment Groups in Nigeria provide safe spaces for women and strengthen their capacity and agency to practice health behaviors. Read More
RBM Partnership To End Malaria
This toolkit provides high-level guidance to develop malaria social and behavior change training curricula for community health workers. Read More
This course is designed to equip health workers with tools to address vaccine hesitancy and to promote COVID-19 prevention, testing, and vaccination. Read More
Graphic of a pregnant woman and her male partner
This brief provides recommendations to increase the uptake of intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy and early antenatal care. Read More
This report discussed an outcome harvesting project to evaluate the success of Breakthrough ACTION Guinea's zoonotic disease portfolio. Read More
Nine Guatemalan mothers gather outside to share experiences and learn from each other
Esta guía presenta una metodología grupal que promueve espacios de aprendizaje donde las madres comparten experiencias entre sí para aprender entre pares. Read More
Esta guía se usa para llevar a cabo sesiones participativas en las cuales se propicia un foro de reflexión entre abuelas que permite discutir temas de salud. Read More
This brief describes a remote training to empower influential leaders across Liberia to advocate to improve hygiene-related activities in their communities. Read More
This bank provides illustrative quality indicators specifically for global programs using SBC approaches to address family planning challenges. Read More
This course teaches how to encourage positive nutrition behavior change by employing segmentation based on needs, attitudes, and behaviors of intended audiences. Read More
Ressources, outils et approches développés par West Africa Breakthrough ACTION pour augmenter l'utilisation informée et volontaire des services de PF/SR. Read More
This presentation provides an overview of results from two Merci Mon Héros campaign exposure studies carried out in Côte d'Ivoire and Niger. Read More