The AFTER Stage

After clients receive services, they may be challenged in starting a new healthy routine or behavior, such as taking medication, changing their diet, or following up for ongoing treatment. Through coordination with service partners and maintaining an understanding of specific audience member needs, the Circle of Care provides models to help boost clients’ adherence to and maintenance of healthy lifestyles, particularly through interventions that:

  • Enhance follow-up by encouraging clients to stay engaged after receiving initial services, for example by connecting clients to a peer support network that urges them to remain connected to one another and to the service.
  • Support behavioral maintenance by ensuring clients and providers address contextual issues, such as interpersonal relationships or socioeconomic factors that could negatively influence sustained behavioral change.
  • Reinforce linkages by supporting the development and promotion of referral systems that aid in connecting clients to appropriate facilities and services.

After services: SBC boosts adherence and maintenance