The DURING Stage

Social and behavior change interventions help improve client-provider interactions during the period when clients are actively seeking services, both in facility settings as well as via mobile services and outreach efforts. Critical to this is ensuring the specific needs of the audience and understanding possible barriers to change, whether personal, informational, or societal. At the “During” stage of the Circle of Care, social and behavior change interventions work to:

  • Empower clients by creating sources of support that increase clients’ health literacy, understanding of health issues and services, and overall confidence, so that they will more fully express their needs and concerns to providers.
  • Improve provider behavior by addressing underlying cultural stigmas or personal beliefs that lead to bias on the part of the provider and improving training and materials to grow provider skills.
  • Build trust by shaping community perceptions toward providers as caring and competent, and creating ways to establish and influence rapport between communities and services.

During services: SBC improves the client-provider interaction