Breakthrough RESEARCH, with partner Tulane University, has developed a literature review on mass and digital media and family planning (FP) among young people in West Africa. This review documents available evidence of mass and digital media’s impacts on FP outcomes, with a particular focus on youth. It also notes areas where more robust evaluation is needed.

The review includes both published and grey literature, as well as programmatic experiences and information from a select number of interviews with key informants. The lessons learned are primarily from the Ouagadougou Partnership countries, but also draw from communications initiatives across Africa and elsewhere.

This review is intended for global and regional donors and FP program designers and implementers, particularly in West Africa. The recommendations relate to the design and implementation of mass and digital media, and to increasing the evidence base for these initiatives’ effectiveness, particularly on young populations.

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Family Planning and Youth in West Africa: Mass media, digital media, and SBCC strategies [Literature review, PDF]

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