Social behavior change (SBC) programs are uniquely placed to make a difference in achieving gender transformative goals. Integrating gender into SBC programs is key to promoting gender equality and achieving intended outcomes among men and women, and boys and girls. The report and accompanying brief listed below pull from a recent review of SBC-focused literature and highlight the following eight promising practices on how to integrate gender considerations in health and non-health SBC interventions:

    1. Use a gender lens throughout the SBC program cycle to improve out­comes.
    2. Synchronize gender strategies to ensure inclusion of men and women, and boys and girls.
    3. Address gendered health dispar­ities that affect use of services.
    4. Reduce harmful traditional prac­tices.
    5. Ensure community involvement and accountability for promotion of gender equality.
    6. Consider gender dimensions during emergency preparedness and response.
    7. Account for the intersecting gen­dered vulnerabilities that influ­ence health and development outcomes.
    8. Build organizational capacity and systems for gender integration using a continuous learning approach.

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Programmatic research brief: Gender Integration in Social and Behavior Change: what does it take?

Scoping report: Gender Integration in Social and Behavior Change

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