Social and behavior change (SBC) efforts can help health systems more effectively engage communities, identify, and communicate their needs, build trust in the health system, and harness the collective power of communities to mobilize resources and structures to enhance health system performance and accountability. Despite this enthusiasm, gaps remain in understanding the overlooked links between SBC and health systems strengthening (HSS) work and its support and documentation.

To fill this gap, Breakthrough ACTION developed the technical brief “Increasing the Use of Social and Behavior Change in Health Systems Strengthening: Evidence and Recommendations to Improve Primary Health Care.” The brief summarizes findings from a literature review and technical consultations related to the effects of integrating SBC within HSS in low- and middle-income countries. It presents evidence, potential operational frameworks for increased integration between SBC and HSS, operational challenges, and evidence gaps. Additionally, the brief provides concrete recommendations and identifies promising opportunities to increase the use of effective SBC in HSS programming.