The Media Epidemiology, Infodemic Management, and Social and Behavior Change Program: A Media Health Preparedness Training for Current and Future Outbreaks is a collaboration between the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the African Field Epidemiology Network, and Breakthrough ACTION in Nigeria. A nine-month fellowship equips media professionals with essential skills in basic epidemiology, infodemic management, and social and behavior change to communicate health information during disease outbreaks effectively. Through a competency-based training program, participants learn to translate scientific data accurately, counter misinformation, and promote behavior change, ultimately enhancing Nigeria’s outbreak preparedness and response capabilities. The program follows a collaborative learning approach, combining in-person and virtual training sessions, field visits, and mentorship opportunities. Fellows engage in three tracks—epidemiology, social and behavior change, and infodemic management—that cover topics such as public health surveillance, risk communication, and misinformation management. The selected fellows represent diverse backgrounds, ensuring comprehensive coverage across Nigeria. The program’s key benefits include improved health communication, timely information dissemination, enhanced trust and credibility, effective infodemic management, behavior change promotion, and sustained capacity strengthening in health communication. Overall, the Media Epidemiology, Infodemic Management, and Social and Behavior Change program strengthens public health initiatives by bridging the gap between science and the public, fostering community engagement, and building a sustainable network of skilled media professionals.