Providers’ behavior is at the heart of good health services. In 2019, Breakthrough RESEARCH reviewed the evidence on the promise of behavioral economics to improve health outcomes through provider-facing interventions in five critical health areas. The analysis drew from the limited existing evidence base on this topic to suggest where and how behavioral economics interventions may be most impactful:

  • Where there is a strong link between specific provider behaviors and health outcomes
  • Where there is evidence of interventions to improve those provider behaviors
  • Where challenges are driven in large part by behavioral factors

The review also identified areas where further research may contribute most to building the knowledge base. In the following years, Breakthrough RESEARCH and others worked to expand the evidence base through new behavioral science research and program innovation. A synthesis identified five cross-cutting insights and corresponding evidence-informed design tactics to support provider behavior. This publication:

  • Summarizes recent evidence about the drivers of providers’ behavior
  • Illustrates through concrete examples how the insights link to a wide range of solution designs to support provider behavior
  • Offers actionable steps for a practitioner to apply these lessons to achieve their program and policy goals
  • Suggests priority areas for further innovation through research and programming to better support providers in the essential role they play

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Literature review: Evidence Review and Analysis of Provider Behavior Change Opportunities

Synthesis: Behavioral Tactics to Support Providers in Offering Quality Care: Insights from Provider Behavior Change Research and Practice

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