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Breakthrough ACTION has distilled guidance on social and behavior change (SBC) monitoring methods into a collection of technical notes. Each note provides an overview of a monitoring method that may be used for SBC programs along with a description of when to use the method and its strengths and weaknesses.

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Broadcast monitoring is a method that tracks the output of broadcast media, including TV, radio, and the internet. Download Broadcast Monitoring Guidance

A hotline usually refers to a no-cost telephone line that is dedicated to a specific purpose (such as police tips, suicide prevention, emergencies, etc.) and may be part of a call center that connects to or coordinates referrals for necessary assistance. Download Hotlines and Hotline Data Monitoring Guidance

Intercept surveys rely on short, structured questionnaires designed to gather feedback directly, quickly, and immediately from participants of interest. Download Intercept Interviews Monitoring Guidance

The most significant change technique is a participatory and complexity-aware monitoring and evaluation approach to identify key program outputs and outcomes over a project period. Download Most Significant Change Technique Monitoring Guidance

Omnibus surveys are quantitative research surveys that collect data on a variety of topics during the same interview. Download Omnibus Survey Monitoring Guidance

Outcome harvesting is a monitoring and evaluation method used to identify, verify, and make sense of changes influenced by an intervention. Download Outcome Harvesting Monitoring Guidance

Service statistics refers to a type of monitoring metric that can be collected to improve health systems and services. Download Service Statistics Monitoring Guidance

Short message services (SMS) and interactive voice response (IVR)-based surveys are administered remotely through mobile devices to reach general or specific populations in a given coverage area and can be utilized over the course of a program or intervention on a recurring basis. Download SMS/IVR Surveys Monitoring Guidance

Social media analytics is the practice of analyzing digital interactions on social media platforms using various forms of data. Download Social Media Analytics Monitoring Guidance