Breakthrough RESEARCH, with funding support from USAID/Philippines, has been working with De La Salle University’s Social Development Research Center (DLSU-SDRC) in Manila to gather evidence to determine the most effective ways to encourage out-of-school youth (OSY) aged 15 to 19 to adopt positive family planning and reproductive health behaviors. In the Philippines where adolescent and youth reproductive health (AYRH) is of considerable concern, youth have limited knowledge and sources of information about their reproductive health. The study’s results are being used to make recommendations to USAID/Philippines on future programming and policy development in family planning.

One brief presents key findings of a scoping review of past and present social and behavior change programs targeting male and female OSY aged 15 to 19 in the Philippines, focused on priority reproductive health behaviors.

A second brief presents the results of a targeted qualitative research study of ways to facilitate positive reproductive health and family planning behavior change among OSY.

A third infographic factsheet shares highlights from both briefs with a focus on how best to reach out of school youth with reproductive health and family planning messages.

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Programmatic Research Brief: Social and Behavior Change Programming Landscape for Out-of-School Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Programs in the Philippines: A scoping review

Programmatic Research Brief: Improving Reproductive Health and Family Planning Outcomes Among Out-of-School Adolescents and Youth in the Philippines

Infographic Brief: LISTEN UP!: How can social and behavior change programming improve reproductive health and family planning behaviors of out-of-school youth in the Philippines?

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