Social and behavior change (SBC) programming has traditionally focused on key health outcomes and populations of interest, but what are the characteristics or attributes of the behaviors that programs are trying to change? For instance, some behaviors, such as taking oral contraceptives or using bed nets, must be repeated often at short intervals; others, such as delivery in a health facility, may require direct assistance from others; and still others, such as vaccinations, might be complex, requiring long-term thinking or multiple, sequential steps. Breakthrough RESEARCH conducted a review of the literature to explore the attributes of select accelerator behaviors that have the highest potential to maximize investments and accelerate the impact on maternal and child survival. By systematically studying behavioral attributes, the project aims to provide some new insights for SBC programming.

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Programmatic research brief: Insights to Improve Social and Behavior Change Programming Through a Focus on the Attributes of Behaviors

A group of women, including expectant mothers, meet outside in Nepal

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