The Compass is a curated collection of social and behavior change (SBC) resources. The collection offers the highest quality “how-to” guides and packages of materials from SBC projects. Curators vet each item submitted to the Compass to ensure developers used a strategic process for its production and has had documented success in the field. The Compass belongs to a group of sister sites which provide SBC resources for a global or regional audience.

The Compass helps SBC professionals improve their work by providing practical resources which include the following:

  • How-to Guides: Step-by-step instructions on how to perform fundamental SBC tasks.
  • Trending Topics: A collection of 20–30 resources on a hot topic.
  • Spotlights: Real-life examples of how successful SBC campaigns were designed, implemented, and evaluated.
  • SBC project materials and resources.

The Compass invites users to upload their own resources to the collection and subscribe to the Compass newsletter to keep informed about new additions to the collection. Contact the Compass team to make inquiries.