What does the virtual coaching program offer?

This program offers teams the opportunity to strengthen their skills, access technical resources, and obtain assistance with completing monitoring and evaluation (M&E)-related activities. Coaching related to the following broad topics will be available:

Technical writing/presentation of social and behavior change M&E results

This refers to effectively communicating the findings from the monitoring and evaluation of social and behavior change (SBC) programs to inform decision making. This process encompasses translating complex data and analysis into clear and concise reports and presentations that cater to diverse stakeholders. It involves structuring information logically, employing data visualization techniques to enhance comprehension, and highlighting key findings and recommendations for how to apply the results that are supported by the data.

Management of M&E activities

This includes the planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities. It may entail hiring, training, and supervising consultants, staff, or data collection firms. It involves defining the goals of SBC and M&E activities and selecting appropriate indicators; defining staffing needs and scopes of work; developing data collection and reporting processes, forms, and quality assurance systems; establishing timelines and budgets; and ensuring adherence to codes of ethics; and using and monitoring the quality of data provided by sub-contractors. The goal is to ensure that M&E activities are conducted with robust methodologies and that the data collected are accurate, timely, and reliable.

Coaches will use a combination of reflection, active listening, goal setting, and accountability approaches to do any of the following, as relevant:

  • Collaborate with teams to assess their needs and tailor coaching sessions to their requirements.
  • Facilitate sessions that connect teams to best examples or practices of M&E for malaria SBC (as relevant to their challenge/focus), recognize strengths and areas for improvement within their work, and set goals for professional and organizational development.
  • Provide expert advice on M&E concepts, methods, and tools, while guiding teams to apply advice, resources, and identified strengths in a manner that allows them to take ownership of their output.
  • Create an environment with opportunities for hands-on practice, individual and team reflection, knowledge sharing, peer learning, and collaboration among team members and between teams.
  • Monitor the progress of coaching sessions, and adjust coaching strategies as needed.

Coaches can and will review some of the team’s work and relevant documents, but will not be responsible for rewriting full-length documents, plans, or strategies. However, we hope that at the end of the virtual coaching program, participants will have a clear vision of success, examples to emulate, and a feasible path to achieving it.

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What is the format and duration of the coaching sessions?

Coaching will be available in English and French. There are five phases in the coaching process:

Application and selection

After submitting information about a specific challenge they would like to focus on during their coaching session, a handful of teams will be selected and matched with coaches. Coaches will review the relevant materials submitted by teams and identify relevant approaches and tools. Teams may be contacted for more information. (July 2023)

Virtual coaching session 1

This 2.5-hour session will begin with an overview of the overall process. Teams will present their challenge to coaches and one or two other teams. Each team will enter into breakout rooms and spend most of the session time working with their own coaches. (August/September 2023)

Between sessions

Teams can opt to continue working on their own. Specific objectives for this phase will be discussed and agreed upon during the first coaching session.

Virtual coaching session 2

During this 2.5-hour session, teams will present progress to the broader group. Similar to the above, most of the session time is reserved for each team to meet and continue working with their own coaches. The series will end with broad group reflections and identification of cross-cutting learnings. (August/September 2023)


Teams will have the option of a brief follow-up phone call or email with coaches. Breakthrough ACTION will also identify material that could be useful for future capacity strengthening activities or M&E resources.

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Who can apply?

We invite groups of two to five individuals who are planning or implementing M&E for malaria SBC activities to apply to participate as a team.

We do not have requirements regarding team composition, and we trust applicants to identify the best arrangement for their coaching topic. However, we see the coaching sessions as an opportunity to bridge silos. Therefore, if feasible and relevant to the achievement of the desired M&E objective, we encourage teams to include members either from diverse technical areas, such as M&E, SBC, case management, vector control, malaria in pregnancy, or from a variety of organizations (such as implementing partners and National Malaria Programs).

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What are the time and cost commitments for participants?

After they are selected, each team will be asked to present one slide about the challenge or objective they would like to focus on during their coaching sessions.

Each coaching session is 2.5 hours (five hours total). Teams may continue work between sessions if desired (possible tasks will be discussed at the end of the first session).

Each team will be responsible for supplying their own computers, internet, and workspace/venue.

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How will teams be selected?

Four to six teams will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the team’s coaching focus to M&E of malaria SBC programs.
  • The team is actively engaged in an ongoing or planned M&E of malaria SBC activity with output due within the next six to 12 months. This ensures the coaching sessions can directly support their current or upcoming work, allowing teams to immediately apply the learnings.
  • Applicability of the team’s coaching focus to other groups/contexts.
  • Teams’ availability and commitment to participate in two 2.5-hour virtual sessions in late August and late September 2023 (five hours total).
  • Fluency in English or French. (Due to coaches’ availability, these are the only languages available at this time. However, we welcome Portuguese-language applications in case coaches become available.)

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How will application materials be used?

  • All application information will be treated with confidentiality. Coaches will review selected teams’ materials and use them to develop tailored coaching plans.
  • Selected applicants should be aware that the coaching sessions may be used to develop case studies or examples for future M&E resources.

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How can I apply?

Please fill out the application form. Breakthrough ACTION will follow up via email with applicants by early August.

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