Malaria Social and Behavior Change During COVID-19 Case Studies

Written by: Ashley Riley, Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION, and Deepak Mehra, Social and Behavior Change Consultant The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on malaria control and elimination efforts. The World Health Organization (WHO) urged…

The Dangers of Misinformation and Rumors during Health Emergencies

Written by: Susan Leibtag, Compass Curator In the past 18 months, the world has changed a great deal: a pandemic has altered all our lives in myriad ways. When it comes to obtaining information while living in a worldwide health crisis,…

Using the KAP COVID Dashboards to Convince the Vaccine Hesitant

Written by Marla Shaivitz, Director of Digital Strategy, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Now that safe and effective vaccines are available for COVID-19, worldwide distribution and acceptability are critical to ending the…