Capacity Strengthening in Guyana Pays Off for Region 7

In Guyana, Breakthrough ACTION’s helped regional vector control teams secure more funding for malaria prevention and control.

How to Use After-action Reviews to Learn and Improve: Lessons From the Breakthrough ACTION Guyana Team

This case study showcases how Breakthrough ACTION used after-action reviews with Guyana’s Ministry of Health to develop a national malaria SBC strategy.

Using Human-Centered Design to Improve Malaria Outcomes in Regions 7 and 8

This report describes how Breakthrough ACTION used human-centered design to understand care-seeking behaviors among miners in malaria-prone areas in Guyana.

Insights Report: Using Human-Centered Design to Strengthen Guyana’s Malaria Test and Treatment Adherence Program

This report describes the process and insights gained from applying human-centered design to develop solutions targeting malaria-related behaviors in Guyana.

Breakthrough ACTION at 2021 ASTMH Annual Meeting

At the 2021 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meeting, Breakthrough ACTION presents on social and behavior change tuberculosis and malaria.