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Dealing with the worldwide panic about Coronavirus: Providing advice, fighting stigma, dispelling information

Written by: Susan Leibtag, Compass Curator When a frightening new disease suddenly emerges, the global medical and public health communities snap to attention and try to determine how to slow and, ultimately, stop it from spreading. Social and behavior change (SBC) professionals know that, at times like these, proper information that is both easily available […]

Press 1 for yes, 2 for no. Using Interactive Voice Response for Social and Behavior Change Programs

Written by: Susan Leibtag, Compass Curator It’s not often that an “old” technology resurfaces and gains fans—in our world of rapid technological growth we often dismiss older solutions and move on to the shinier, newer systems. Yet sometimes it’s the older solutions that come back to us as more useful, more practical, and yes…sometimes even […]

Integrating SBC Across Sectors: Barriers, Enablers, and New Tools to Find Resources

Written by: Sriram Sridharan, Associate, and Stephanie Levy, Senior Associate, ideas42 Well-established linkages between outcomes in family planning (FP) and other development sectors can be leveraged by integrated social and behavior change (SBC) programs. However, as the evidence from integrated programming accumulates, professionals working on multisectoral SBC integration must strengthen these linkages through systematic, coordinated […]

New Social and Behavior Change Indicator Bank for Family Planning and Service Delivery

Written by: Shannon Conlon, Senior Associate Indicators measuring social and behavior change (SBC) for service delivery are often not standardized, making it difficult for smaller implementing partners to identify indicators, as well as limiting cross-project and cross-country data comparison. Breakthrough ACTION developed a list of SBC for service delivery indicators to help standardize the ways […]

Harnessing Behavioral Design to Improve Maternal Care in Zambia

Written by: Jill Chanley, Jana Smith, and Rachel Yavinsky Recently, Breakthrough RESEARCH, under work led by ideas42, applied behavioral design to assess the behavioral challenges that prevent providers in Zambia from providing respectful maternal care (RMC) in urban and rural health care settings. Behavioral design is an approach that leverages insights from behavioral economics, social […]

Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH Resources from the USAID Zika Response

Written by: Alex Reed and Reshma Naik In 2016, USAID launched a response to prevent the transmission and spread of Zika, a once little-known virus spread through the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito, person to person through sexual intercourse, and from a mother to her unborn baby. Mother-to-child transmission can result in severe […]

Cutting through the confusion: Prioritizing behavioral messages and calls to action

Written by: Alice Payne Merritt, CCP Deputy Director When Zika first appeared in Brazil and spread quickly through the Americas, dozens of governments and partners grappled with how to help families protect themselves from the mosquito that transmits Zika, as well as dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. Organizations and country governments leaped into action to […]

Faire progresser le champ des mesures pour le CSC

Par : Erin Portillo, Responsable de programme II Mesurer adéquatement les déterminants sociaux et comportementaux est essentiel pour créer de puissants programmes de changement social et de comportement. Cependant, cette surveillance est un art en constante évolution ainsi qu’un domaine prioritaire dans la communauté CSC. Il n’est donc pas étonnant que nombre de sessions les […]

Advancing the Field of Measurement for SBC

Written by: Erin Portillo, Program Officer II Adequately measuring social and behavioral determinants is key to creating strong social and behavior change (SBC) programs. However, doing so is an ever-evolving art and a primary area of focus in the SBC community. Therefore, it is no wonder that many of the top-rated sessions from the February […]

Richer and Faster Data Analysis to Inform SBC Zika Program Design in an Outbreak

Written by: Anne Ballard Sara, Program Officer II; Tilly Gurman, Senior Research and Evaluation Officer; Sean Maloney, Program Officer; and Gabrielle Hunter, Zika Technical Team Lead Despite the need for quick action during an outbreak response, taking the time to conduct rigorous formative qualitative research ensures actionable recommendations and stronger social and behavior change (SBC) activities. Employing […]