Designing for Provider Behavior Change: Developing Solutions to Provider-side Barriers to Quality Care

Written by: Allison Schachter and Stephanie Levy, Breakthrough ACTION

A growing focus on provider behavior in global health programming has generated interest in further understanding and addressing barriers to providing quality care. Breakthrough ACTION is applying social and behavior change (SBC) approaches to facilitate provider behavior change. Three new case studies detail diverse experiences applying a behavioral science lens to the research and design of provider behavior change programs in Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia.


Encouraging Counseling that Promotes Meaningful Choice: Behavioral Design for Provider Behavior Change in Family Planning Services in Malawi


When Knowing the Protocol is Not Enough: Behavioral Design for Provider Behavior Change in Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment in Nigeria


Leveraging Connections Between Client and Provider Behavior: Behavioral Design for Provider Behavior Change in Care-Seeking for Children in Zambia

Focusing on provider behavior change ensures that clients receive comprehensive, respectful, and appropriate care. Consider these examples when designing and implementing provider behavior change programs to help stretch your thinking about what stymies provider performance and what solutions can address those barriers.