The Gender Equality Check-In is a quality assessment and learning tool to help those working in social and behavior change (SBC) programs consider: (1) the level of gender integration in their program and (2) the level to which the program is using gender transformative approaches. 

The tool includes two components. The first component is a set of checklists to assess gender integration throughout the program cycle. The second component is a checklist to assess where a program falls along a continuum of gender transformation. The tool provides an opportunity for teams to identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan. 

The Check-In is designed around the SBC Flow Chart, a model which describes the design process used by Breakthrough ACTION for SBC activities to address health and development issues. As such, some of the terminology or approaches may be new to those not already familiar with the SBC Flow Chart. However, even those programs or projects not using the Flow Chart can use the Check-In, as it follows the general phases of the project life-cycle (e.g., assessing the situation or problem; designing and testing solutions; refining, evaluating, and scaling up).