Introducing SBC Learning Central: A New Resource to Create a Critical Mass of Skilled Practitioners Worldwide

SBC Learning Central

Despite innovative advances in social and behavior change (SBC), the field has not yet captured the attention of many key leaders in development and, consequently, is underutilized. Breakthrough ACTION is eager to ensure donors, ministries, implementing partners, and public health professionals are familiar with the spectrum of SBC approaches and best practices and use that range of approaches to design programs that transform structures, systems of power, and community and household health practices. The new SBC Learning Central platform being launched today by Breakthrough ACTION aims to fill this gap by strengthening and institutionalizing the capacity of seasoned and newer SBC practitioners to design and monitor evidenced-based SBC programs.

SBC Learning Central provides foundational knowledge and skills so public health professionals can incorporate new SBC approaches and methodologies into their work. The online courses and toolkits address a variety of health topics and most are offered in French and English to ensure access in francophone Africa.

SBC Learning Central offers self-paced online courses and toolkits to:

  • Provide useful, timely, and convenient opportunities for SBC continuing education.
  • Serve as a practical resource for increasing SBC knowledge in novice learners and seasoned professionals alike.
  • Present new content on how to apply SBC to key public health topics, including sexual and reproductive health, malaria, nutrition, and emergency outbreaks, such as COVID-19.

Join the more than 600 public health professionals who have already registered to take courses through the SBC Learning Central platform! Registration is easy and free. Each course can be completed in about one to two hours and learners can return at any time to pick up where they left off.

Current course and toolkit offerings

Course & Toolkit Title Language(s) Author
Introduction au changement social et de comportement French Breakthrough ACTION
Introduction à l’économie comportementale French Breakthrough ACTION
Social and Behavior Change 101: An Introduction English Breakthrough ACTION
Applying segmentation to SBC in FP English and French Breakthrough ACTION
Monitoring and evaluating SBC approaches English and French Breakthrough RESEARCH
Measuring Provider Behavior Change English and French Breakthrough RESEARCH
Measuring Social and Behavior Change Program or Campaign Exposure English and French Breakthrough RESEARCH
Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Program Monitoring English and French Breakthrough ACTION
Evidence-based Malaria SBCC: From Theory to Program Evaluation English Breakthrough ACTION
Audience Segmentation for Vaccination English and French Breakthrough ACTION

Breakthrough ACTION will be releasing at least 10 more courses over the next year. Visit and return often to see updates.

By: Lisa Mwaikambo, Senior Program Officer II, Breakthrough ACTION