Empathways is a three-round card deck designed to spark important discussion and joint reflection between young people and family planning service providers. The tool aims to develop provider empathy for young clients and to encourage providers to pull from this empathy to deliver more youth-centered family planning and contraceptive services.

Empathways Resources

Explore Empathways in English or French.

Case Studies

These case studies summarize how—and why—Breakthrough ACTION integrated the Empathways card deck as a practical exercise into health care provider trainings in Liberia and Kenya. The case studies also include monitoring results and next steps.

  • A Will to “Do Better” in Youth Family Planning Service Delivery: The Interpersonal Communication and Counseling Experience in Liberia [English | French]
  • Paving the Way to More Empathetic Youth Contraceptive Services: The Empathways Experience in Kenya [English | French]

Empathways Adaptations

Explore how other countries have used Empathways in their work.

Printing Resources

Print your own set of Empathways cards. [English | French]