In February 2021, Breakthrough ACTION hosted the expert consultation “Seeking Breakthroughs in Social and Behavior Change at the Intersection of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence” to build on the work of others in strengthening understanding of the linkages between family planning (FP) and intimate partner violence (IPV) and consideration of influencing factors across the socio-ecological model and the life course. This consultation brought together over 40 subject matter experts in FP, gender-based violence (GBV), and social and behavior change (SBC) representing more than 25 organizations around the globe. During this consultation, participants examined linkages between FP and IPV across the life course, explored SBC theories and approaches that can be applied to integrated FP/IPV programming, and identified opportunities to further advance integrated FP/IPV research and practice.

We invite you to review and download slides from featured presentations. You can also watch recordings of the presentations on the Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH YouTube channel. A web feature that includes additional resources is now available.

Featured Presentations

Research and Context
  • Interconnections Between Intimate Partner Violence, Family Planning, and Gender Norms: Evidence from Multi-Country DHS Data [ Slides | Recording | Technical Brief ]
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Contraceptive Discontinuation in Kenya [ Slides | Recording ]
  • Reproductive Coercion, Partner Violence, and Family Planning Use [ Slides | Recording ]
Life Course Lens
  • A Life Course Understanding of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence in Ghana [ Slides | Recording ]
  • The First-Time Parent LifeStage [ Slides | Recording ]
  • Gender Norms as Health Harms: Reclaiming a Life Course Perspective on Reproductive Health and Rights [ Slides | Recording ]
Theoretical Supports
  • The Role of Theory in Understanding and Responding to the Correlates of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence: Focus on Structural Theories [ Slides | Recording ]
  • Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence Linkages: Gender Theories Shine the Light [ Slides | Recording ]
  • Applying Theory to Practice: The Counseling Husbands and Wives to Achieve Reproductive Health and Marital Equity 2 (CHARM2) Intervention [ Slides | Recording ]
Programmatic Approaches
  • Improving Program Outcomes in Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence Across the Life Course [ Slides | Recording ]
  • Integrating Gender-Based Violence and Health through Integrated Outreach: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh [ Slides | Recording ]
  • SBC Spotlight: Behavioral Economics [ Slides | Recording ]
  • SBC Spotlight: Audience Segmentation [ Slides | Recording ]
  • SBC Spotlight: Human-Centered Design [ Slides | Recording ]