Breakthrough ACTION has worked with 24 donors and implementing partners to develop and validate shared agendas for social and behavior change (SBC) in family planning at the global level and within the countries of the Ouagadougou Partnership. These shared agendas are tools to galvanize global coordination in SBC programs for family planning and will help inform investment decisions and enable improved collaboration among donors.

The documents outline priority areas where multiple actors are working, such as meeting the needs of youth and improving the quality of SBC in service delivery, to highlight the need for increased coordination and to flag critical gaps in need of further investment. In addition to concrete recommendations in each priority area for different stakeholders, the shared agendas identify overarching opportunities to increase collaboration, such as developing coordinated, long-term technical assistance plans for SBC in family planning at the global and regional levels and harmonizing strategies and messages at the national level through collective planning, message harmonization workshops, and ongoing communication.

Endorse the shared agenda on the Global Shared Agenda for SBC in Family Planning webpage.


Join the webinar series on the global Shared Agenda for SBC in family planning where we will discuss each priority area, including successes, gaps, and how partners can work together to implement the recommendations.

January 2020: Increasing Coordinated Investment in SBC for Family Planning

March 2020: Après 2020 : Investissement dans le CSC pour la PF dans la région du Partenariat de Ouagadougou

June 2020: Supporting and Transforming Social and Gender Norms for Family Planning

July 2020: Generation Youth: Using SBC to Understand and Meet the Family Planning Needs of Youth

September 2020: Pioneering Provider Behavior Change Solutions: New Insights to Improve FP Service Delivery