A group of Liberian students sitting in a circle in a classroom for a school health club meeting.

Seeding Change to Realize a Brighter Future for Liberia’s Youths

With youth leading change in their classrooms and beyond, the future of Liberia is surely growing brighter.
A man collects water for testing in LiberiaAmiton Z. Lekpor

Using Testimonials to Drive Action: A Story of Hygiene Promotion in Liberia

In Liberia, Breakthrough ACTION combined the power of storytelling, technology, and collaboration to promote better hygiene.
Two women talking in LiberiaMbalu Jusu/ideas42

Refining Solutions for Supporting Facility-Based Delivery in Liberia

Breakthrough ACTION developed a set of behaviorally informed solutions to address barriers and facilitate facility-based delivery for women in Liberia.
COVID-19 volunteer going door to door

Closing the Global COVID-19 Vaccine Gap: Three Encouraging Insights to Support Vaccine Demand

This blog post describes three opportunities to leverage behavioral insights to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake rates in low-resource settings.
Mother and baby girlSara Holbak/VectorWorks/Photoshare

Social and Behavior Change for Postpartum Family Planning

This blog post highlights how social and behavior change can be used before, during, and after services to address postpartum family planning needs.