Building Healthier Communities in Malawi Through Community Health Action Groups

Written by: Lusayo Banda, Knowledge Management Officer, Breakthrough ACTION From a distance, you can see a group of men and women seated in a small circle. They are very deep in discussion. As you get closer, you can hear them talking about…

Equity and malaria: Who gets prioritized when a household doesn’t have enough mosquito nets?

Written by: Ashley Riley, Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION; Gabrielle Hunter, Malaria and Zika Technical Team Lead, Breakthrough ACTION; Meei Child, Communications Officer, Breakthrough ACTION In Malawi, fewer and fewer young boys sleep…

Hit The Ground Running in 2022 With Our Top Five Resources

Written by: Rebecca Pickard, Editor & Copywriter, Breakthrough ACTION As we prepare to wrap up 2021 and look forward to the new year, Breakthrough ACTION would like to share five of our most popular social and behavior change resources.…