Advancing Gender Equality in Nigeria Through Women's Empowerment Groups

Written by Chizoba Onyechi, Senior Program Officer for Family Planning; Shittu Abdu-Aguye, Senior Deputy Program Director for Integrated Social and Behavior Change and Family Planning, Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria; and Valentine Edoziem, Program…

Barriers to Feeding Young Children Well During and After Illness: Insight from the DRC

Written by: Madeline Kau, Emily Zimmerman (ideas42), and Augustin Ngandu (SBC Advisor, Breakthrough ACTION DRC) For young children experiencing an illness, adequate nutrition is critical for recovery. However, children often do not receive…
Shifting Behaviors, Sharing Experiences, Identifying What Works, Advocating for SBC

Supporting Provider Behavior Change: An Experiential Workshop

Applications are open for Breakthrough ACTION’s Supporting Provider Behavior Change Workshop. This virtual experiential learning workshop is an exciting opportunity for individuals to learn more about a new suite of tools for designing, implementing,…

Using the Community Action Cycle to Build Trust in Guinea

In many communities, Guineans demonstrate a lingering reluctance to visit health care facilities, choosing instead to consult traditional medicine and other healers. In addition to contending with mistrust from local communities, health centers…