Hit The Ground Running in 2022 With Our Top Five Resources

Written by: Rebecca Pickard, Editor & Copywriter, Breakthrough ACTION

As we prepare to wrap up 2021 and look forward to the new year, Breakthrough ACTION would like to share five of our most popular social and behavior change resources. We hope you will find them useful in your work throughout 2022!

# 1

Seeking Breakthroughs: In February 2021, Breakthrough ACTION hosted the expert consultation

Seeking Breakthroughs in SBC at the Intersection of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence: In addition to the broadertoll it takes on mental and physical health, intimate partner violence significantly impacts family planning uptake and outcomes. This webpage summarizes the findings of an expert consultation on using SBC to address this intimate partner violence.

# 2

Social and Behavior Change Indicator Bank for Family Planning and Service Delivery: Family planning and SBC practitioners need data to inform and improve their projects. This databank provides indicators for family planning programs that are incorporating SBC approaches into their efforts, including a filter for searches related to service delivery (also available in French).

# 3

Screenshot showing Africa on the Insecticide-Treated Net (ITN) Access and Use Report interactive website

Insecticide-treated Net Use and Access Report: Data on access and use of insecticide-treated nets (ITN) are essential for malaria prevention and control efforts. The interactive ITN Use and Access Report gives malaria programs access to nuanced data to develop more targeted policies and projects (also available in French).

# 4

Getting Practical: Integrating Social Norms into SBC: Learning about social norms—what people in a group believe is typical and appropriate behavior—is integral to changing behavior. This tool guides country-level program planners, designers, and monitoring and research staff how in identifying social norms and how to factor them into SBC projects (also available in French).

# 5

Empathways: An Empathy-building Card Activity: In many communities, youth do not seek family planning services because they do not trust service providers. Empathways is a tool for building trust between providers and young clients. The objective is to forge greater empathy between these two groups to help improve family planning outcomes for youth (also available in French).


Most-Watched Webinar

Throughout the pandemic, Breakthrough ACTION continued to engage with SBC professionals and other audiences by hosting insightful webinars. In 2021, the most-watched webinar was The Role of Community and Faith Leaders in Malaria Control and Elimination. This webinar was part of the launch of the Malaria SBC Toolkit for Community and Faith Leaders, a resource to involve local leadership in the fight against malaria.

Most-Watched Video

In 2021, the most-watched video was Check Am O! Using Human-Centered Design to Find the Missing Cases of Tuberculosis in Nigeria. This video documents the journey Breakthrough ACTION undertook with Nigeria’s National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme to develop an SBC campaign to increase tuberculosis case detection.