The IPT show being conducted in BangladeshBreakthrough ACTION

Lights, Camera, Vaccination: The Impact of Interactive Theater in Reaching the Unreached

In Bangladesh, Breakthrough ACTION used interactive theater to bring COVID-19 vaccine messages to thousands of people in rural and other hard-to-reach areas.
Girl waving at an outdoor puppet show in BangladeshBreakthrough ACTION

From Football to Puppets: The Power of Strategic Communication

In Bangladesh, Breakthrough ACTION used enter-education activities such as a river show and football matches to promote COVID-19 prevention and vaccination.
A 13 year old boy and 12 year old girl with signs about getting the COVID-19 vaccine in BangladeshBreakthrough ACTION

Community Session: A Tool to Protect Community Against COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Breakthrough ACTION established a vaccine ambassador community engagement program in Bangladesh to raise awareness and counter misinformation about COVID-19.
Graphic of people working at computers wearing headsets

All hands on deck: Addressing the mental health crisis in Bangladesh

Breakthrough ACTION worked with governmental agencies and universities in Bangladesh to fill the gap between mental health needs and availability of care.
Female radio producer in Bangladesh

Fighting Vaccine Hesitancy Through Community Radio and Social Media

In Bangladesh, Breakthrough ACTION leveraged the potential of community radio and social media to deliver lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine messages.
KAP COVID Dashboard: Country profiles with demographic disaggregations

KAP COVID Dashboard: Trust

This page has a set of reports from a 2020 global survey on knowledge, attitudes, and practices around COVID-19. These reports focus on the element of trust.