Breakthrough RESEARCH is gathering, analyzing, and sharing evidence on the costs and impact of social and behavior change (SBC) interventions to support the case that investing in SBC is crucial for improving health and advancing development.

To complement this work, Breakthrough RESEARCH is building a “community of practice” around SBC costing that will enhance learning, discussion, and collaboration in the field to yield higher quality cost data in the future. Breakthrough RESEARCH is also developing a set of applied briefs that elucidate additional insights on when and how to apply the costing guidelines in specific circumstances. This series of briefs is intended to complement the guidelines and support a Community of Practice around SBC costing by highlighting important issues and practices for SBC costing.

In building a community of practice, we are reaching out to our networks in both the SBC and costing worlds to encourage ongoing engagement on our Springboard SBC Costing group.

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Programmatic research brief: Costing Social and Behavior Change Programming—The Role of the DenominatorSocial and Behavior Change Costing Community of Practice Series Brief #1

Programmatic research brief: Understanding the Costs of SBC Social Media Interventions, Social and Behavior Change Costing Community of Practice Series Brief #2

Programmatic research brief: Capturing the Start-up Costs Associated with Social and Behavior Change Interventions, Social and Behavior Change Costing Community of Practice Series Brief #3 and related template


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