Four Ways the Redesigned Compass Can Work for You

The Compass homepage

Written By Oluwakemi Akagwu, Online Platforms Manager, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, and Mouz Asfaw, Compass Curator, Breakthrough ACTION,


The Compass, launched in 2013, helps social and behavior change (SBC) professionals improve their work by providing a curated collection of high-quality SBC resources they can reference, learn from, and adapt. The Compass belongs to a group of sister sites which curate SBC resources for both global and regional audiences. Initially called “Health Compass,” it became the Compass in 2018, in keeping with the intent to make it a resource center that not only meets the needs of a wide range of SBC professionals, but also goes beyond health communication to broader SBC areas.

Breakthrough ACTION recently redesigned the Compass to give it a fresh look and feel. The contemporary design makes it easier to search for and contribute resources, thereby improving user experience and satisfaction. Here are four ways the new Compass interface delivers a better user experience:

  New Feature Benefit
1 A simple and modern design: One of the design team’s top priorities was improving aesthetics while keeping the layout simple and intuitive to use. Content is easy to read and navigate thanks to a clean look.


2 Enhanced search function: With multiple search boxes and a lineup of latest and featured resources on the home page, users have a quick starting point to explore resources. In addition, resources called up by a search can be narrowed down using filters. Users can easily and quickly narrow their search down to the most relevant SBC resources. Because new and featured resources appear up front on the home page, they waste no time searching for the latest materials.
3 Springboard integration: The Compass now provides access to Springboard, an online community of SBC professionals via a link in the footer on every page. Users can quickly navigate to the Springboard community and its resources directly from the Compass.


4 Newsletter feature: Users can subscribe to the Compass newsletter and receive periodic updates about added resources. The newsletter creates an effortless way to stay informed about the latest resources and tools in the SBC community.

Check out the redesigned Compass today and enjoy the benefit of having access to a curated collection of SBC resources with just a tap or click. While at it, submit your project’s outstanding SBC resources to the Compass’s collection.