Message Framework for Advocating for SBC in Family Planning Programs Now Updated!

Written by: Beth Mallalieu, Senior Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION

Breakthrough ACTION recently updated its “Message Framework for Advocating for Social and Behavior Change in Family Planning Programs” to include new evidence and supporting points to help you advocate for social and behavioral change (SBC) investment in your country and projects. First launched in 2018, the message framework was developed to help SBC practitioners advocate for increased support and funding for SBC in family planning programs among influential organizations, coordinating bodies, and individuals within governments. In the framework, you will find guidance as well as example talking points that help you advocate for SBC. The framework includes three key messaging pillars: (1) SBC approaches complement service delivery, (2) SBC is rooted in global evidence and best practices, and, (3) SBC demonstrates a high return on investment in both the short and long term.


The updates to the message framework, available in both French and English, provide new supporting evidence, taking into account recent publications from Breakthrough RESEARCH on the cost-effectiveness of SBC and making the business case for SBC. For each stakeholder profile in the framework, you will find updated key evidence for each of the supporting points. For each piece of evidence referenced, you will find the link for accessing that evidence within the framework, allowing you to view the full source and provide it to those you interact with.

You can also find additional evidence to help advocate for SBC on the website. This recently launched website includes five databases of evidence for SBC in the health topics of family planning, reproductive empowerment, sexual and reproductive health for urban youth, HIV, and malaria. The website allows you to search and filter for specific types of evidence that can help you to make the case for investing in SBC in specific areas.