New Social and Behavior Change Indicator Bank for Family Planning and Service Delivery


Indicators measuring social and behavior change (SBC) for service delivery are often not standardized, making it difficult for smaller implementing partners to identify indicators, as well as limiting cross-project and cross-country data comparison. Breakthrough ACTION developed a list of SBC for service delivery indicators to help standardize the ways that implementers measure their SBC for service delivery activities. These indicators have been added to the existing SBC for Family Planning Indicator Bank available on the Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH website.

Breakthrough ACTION aggregated previously validated SBC for service delivery indicators from existing indicator sources, including MEASURE Evaluation’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health Indicators Database, FP2020’s Core Indicators, and the Demographic and Health Surveys Program. The majority of the service delivery indicators are for family planning programs. However, the bank also includes some general SBC indicators that could be used for other types of programs. The indicators are searchable and can be filtered based on common frameworks, including the levels of monitoring and evaluation continuum, levels of the social-ecological framework, and the stages of the Circle of Care.

Check out the new indicators today and let us know how you use the indicator bank!

Written by: Shannon Conlon, Senior Associate, Breakthrough ACTION