Seeking Breakthroughs: In February 2021, Breakthrough ACTION hosted the expert consultation "Seeking Breakthroughs in Social and Behavior Change at the Intersection of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence, bringing together 40 subject matter experts in FP, gender-based violence, and social behavior gange to explore how FP and IPV intersect and what more can be done to consider and address this intersection through research and programming that leverages SBC theories and approaches.

Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence: An Intersection Deserving of More Attention

Written by: Danette Wilkins, Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION Intimate partner violence (IPV) significantly impacts family planning (FP)-related behaviors and outcomes, including reproductive autonomy, pregnancy, and childbearing decision-making,…

New Social Norms Taxonomy to Address Family Planning Challenges in East Africa

Written by: Charudatt Chaudhari, Camber Collective Social norms—or the “the often unspoken ‘rules’ that govern behavior”[1]—can have powerful implications on family planning and reproductive health in societies around the world.…