The Insights 101 Playbook: A Dynamic Learning Starter KitBreakthrough ACTION

The Insights 101 Playbook

This resource provides concise and practical guidelines with examples—from identifying insights to applying and sharing them across SBC project partners.
I man and woman with face masks on raising their fists to show strength against COVID-19Breakthrough ACTION

Community Dialogue Guide and Image Box to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination in Guinea

Deux outils conçus pour renforcer l'engagement communautaire et promouvoir l'acceptation du vaccin COVID-19 : le Guide de Dialogue et la Boite á Images.
Female service provider reviews FP/SR information with a young manBreakthrough ACTION

Resources and Opportunities to Support and Invest in SBC for FP/RH

These three resources can help you make the case with decision makers and service providers to invest in social and behavior change for family planning.

Synthesized Guidance for COVID-19 Message Development

This is a curated guide of recommendations from the WHO, the CDC, and other trusted sources with source links, organized into six broad audience categories.
Two women and a baby at a maternity ward in UgandaJonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
Nurse prepares to perform a malaria test on a 4 month old at health care centre in Sierra LeonePMI, 2021

Social and Behavior Change Monitoring Guidance

This curated collection of technical notes offers concise guidance on SBC monitoring methods. Each note covers applicability, strengths, and weaknesses.