Community health worker provides family planning services during a home visit in UgandaJonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
The Insights 101 Playbook: A Dynamic Learning Starter KitBreakthrough ACTION

The Insights 101 Playbook

This resource provides concise and practical guidelines with examples—from identifying insights to applying and sharing them across SBC project partners.
Graphic of an African doctor with a mother holding a toddlerBreakthrough ACTION
Several Ethiopian women participate in a group conversation on family planningMaheder Haileselassie Tadese/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment

Mothers Time Tool for Community Health Workers

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The tool can be used by community health workers to address symptoms of anxiety and depression and associated barriers to FP among postpartum mothers.
Empathways cover with a graphic of a parent and childBreakthrough ACTION

Family Empathways

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Ces cartes sont une activité conçue pour emmener les jeunes et leurs parents dans un voyage dynamique et engageant.
Empathways West Africa Breakthrough ACTIONWest Africa Breakthrough ACTION

Community Empathways

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Ces cartes sont une activité conçue pour emmener les jeunes et les leaders de leur communauté dans un voyage dynamique et engageant.
I man and woman with face masks on raising their fists to show strength against COVID-19Breakthrough ACTION

Community Dialogue Guide and Image Box to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination in Guinea

Deux outils conçus pour renforcer l'engagement communautaire et promouvoir l'acceptation du vaccin COVID-19 : le Guide de Dialogue et la Boite á Images.
A teacher and her son use the community adaptation of Empathways in TogoUSAID
Nourishing Connections coversBreakthrough ACTION

Nutrition Job Aid for Community Health Workers

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This set of tools, which includes an easy-to-use job aid, helps community health workers provide more empathetic nutrition counseling.