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Resources and Opportunities to Support and Invest in SBC for FP/RH

These three resources can help you make the case with decision makers and service providers to invest in social and behavior change for family planning.
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Increasing Investment in SBC for FP/RH

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This brief presents findings on behavioral barriers to increased investment in social and behavior change for family planning and reproductive health.
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Social and Behavior Change for Family Planning User Journey Tool

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This tool helps decision makers understand what drives family planning (FP) use and how they can advocate for investment in social and behavior change for FP.

Elevating Social and Behavior Change as an Essential Component of Family Planning Programs

Examine and use the data in this article to advocate for the use of social and behavior change approaches in your family planning programs.
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Resources for Social and Behavior Change Advocacy in Family Planning

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These two short animations and accompanying briefs illustrate that investment in SBC is critical to meeting global- and country-level family planning goals.
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Advocacy for Social and Behavior Change

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This is a collection of advocacy resources to promote greater investment in SBC by governments, donors, and decision-makers—at all levels.