After action interview in GuyanaBreakthrough ACTION Guyana

How to Use After-action Reviews to Learn and Improve: Lessons From the Breakthrough ACTION Guyana Team

This case study showcases how Breakthrough ACTION used after-action reviews with Guyana’s Ministry of Health to develop a national malaria SBC strategy.
Open air dwelling GuyanaBreakthrough ACTION Guyana

Using Human-Centered Design to Improve Malaria Outcomes in Regions 7 and 8

This report describes how Breakthrough ACTION used human-centered design to understand care-seeking behaviors among miners in malaria-prone areas in Guyana.
There's gold in social and behavior change visual essayBreakthrough ACTION Guyana

Insights Report: Using Human-Centered Design to Strengthen Guyana’s Malaria Test and Treatment Adherence Program

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This report describes the process and insights gained from applying human-centered design to develop solutions targeting malaria-related behaviors in Guyana.
Mining in Guyana

SBC Flow Chart: Guyana Malaria Spotlight

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This Spotlight provides an overview of how the SBC Flow Chart was applied to develop solutions to improve malaria outcomes among mining communities in Guyana.
Phase 1 Define: Mine existing knowledge, Intent statement, Deepen understanding; Phase 2 Design & Test: Imagine, Refine, Prototype, Test; Phase 3 Apply: Implement & Monitor, Evaluate & Refine, Adapt & ScaleBreakthrough ACTION

Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart

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Using human-centered design principles, the SBC Flow Chart asks users to adopt a beginner's mind to identify new insights to solve public health problems.