A community health worker walks to see patients in CameroonPMI Impact Malaria

Leveraging Ambassadors to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake and Malaria Prevention: A Technical Brief

This brief explains how Breakthrough ACTION worked closely with influential individuals to act as trusted ambassadors to increase COVID-19 vaccine rates.
Follow Who Know Road Campaign video stillBreakthrough ACTION

Follow Who Know Road Campaign: Development, Implementation, and Lessons Learned

This brief describes the process of implementing a SBC video campaign in Nigeria—from developing the campaign concept to producing and airing the videos.
I man and woman with face masks on raising their fists to show strength against COVID-19Breakthrough ACTION

Community Dialogue Guide and Image Box to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination in Guinea

Deux outils conçus pour renforcer l'engagement communautaire et promouvoir l'acceptation du vaccin COVID-19 : le Guide de Dialogue et la Boite á Images.
Four people work around a lap top in Image GuineaBreakthrough ACTION

Breakthrough ACTION Guinea Success Stories

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These success stories demonstrate Breakthrough ACTION’s positive impact on health and well-being of individuals and communities in Guinea.
Two seated women in conversationImages of Empowerment/Getty Images
Two older adults with surgical masks and bandages after getting vaccinated in New York CityU.S. Navy Medicine

Audience Segmentation for Vaccination Toolkit

This toolkit teaches how to encourage vaccine acceptance and uptake by employing segmentation based on attitudes and behaviors of the intended audience.
Two people sitting in café looking at a phone togetherAugust de Richelieu/Pexels

Rumor Tracking and Infodemic Management in Public Health Emergencies Online Course

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This free online course is intended for risk communication and community engagement program implementors who are working to identify and respond to emerging rumors.
People wearing face masks waiting inside an auditorium to get the COVID-19 vaccine for freeSuprabhat Dutta/iStock
Community members gather to pilot a new family planning counseling tool in NigerAmadou Oumarou