RBM Partnership To End Malaria

Malaria Social and Behavior Change Toolkit for Community Health Workers

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This toolkit provides high-level guidance to develop malaria social and behavior change training curricula for community health workers.
Cover graphic showing people under the flag of South Sudan

Together for Each Other: Transforming South Sudan

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This toolkit promotes gender equity, participatory development, and community action by bringing women and men together to discuss how various aspects of gender impact their well-being.
Woman with a microphone outdoors wearing a face maskWest Africa Breakthrough ACTION

WABA Community Engagement to Identify and Address Barriers

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This community engagement approach leverages community strengths and resources to address local challenges rather than relying on external support.
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Confiance Totale Family Planning Demand Generation Campaign

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These campaign materials, in French and local languages, promote the safety and efficacy of family planning, health centers, and health care providers.
Female community health worker talks to a woman during a home visit in UgandaJonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment
Two older adults with surgical masks and bandages after getting vaccinated in New York CityU.S. Navy Medicine

Audience Segmentation for Vaccination Toolkit

This toolkit teaches how to encourage vaccine acceptance and uptake by employing segmentation based on attitudes and behaviors of the intended audience.
Women with babies wait to receive bed netsRiccardo Gangale/VectorWorks/PMI

Antenatal Care Client Segmentation Toolkit

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This toolkit helps malaria practitioners and implementing partners plan and integrate segmentation-based profiles into their existing work.
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