Nine Guatemalan mothers gather outside to share experiences and learn from each other

Entre Nosotras: Guide to Form Support Circles

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Esta guía presenta una metodología grupal que promueve espacios de aprendizaje donde las madres comparten experiencias entre sí para aprender entre pares.
Cover image of Herramienta La Voz de las Abuelas: Sabiduría para el cambio y la prosperidadHC3 Patricia Poppe and Karin Estrada

La Voz de las Abuelas: Guide for Participatory Sessions

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Esta guía se usa para llevar a cabo sesiones participativas en las cuales se propicia un foro de reflexión entre abuelas que permite discutir temas de salud.
Hands covered in soap being rinsedEmmanuel Ayo-Loto/Shutterstock

Improving Hygiene in Liberia with Interactive Voice Response Technology: A Technical Brief

This brief describes a remote training to empower influential leaders across Liberia to advocate to improve hygiene-related activities in their communities.
Cover graphic showing people under the flag of South Sudan

Together for Each Other: Transforming South Sudan

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This toolkit promotes gender equity, participatory development, and community action by bringing women and men together to discuss how various aspects of gender impact their well-being.
A malaria SBC specialist interviews a man in Liberia

Breakthrough ACTION Liberia Newsletter

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This page contains newsletters prepared by Breakthrough ACTION-Liberia to update stakeholders on activities in a variety of health areas.
Children in Burkina FasoPhotoshare
Children in Burkina FasoPhotoshare
A mother helps her daughter wash her hands in IndonesiaUNICEF/Arimacs Wilander/USAID Indonesia/Flickr

Handwashing With Soap: A Key Part of the COVID-19 Response

This technical brief offers information on what we know about handwashing behavior change and how to address common barriers to handwashing with soap.